The First Family of Mustard

For over 150 years, the Plochman’s family has been bringing the most delicious, quality mustards to your table. Made exclusively in the United States—discover how our history continues to flavor our future.


Premium Mustard Mills is founded in 1852

Born from the best

Premium Mustard Mills—what would later become Plochman, Inc.—is founded in Chicago, establishing us as a true original.


The Plochman's factory survives the Great Chicago Fire in 1871.

A fireproof recipe

The factory survives the Great Chicago Fire, a three-day disaster that destroyed roughly 3.3 miles of the city and left more than 100,000 Chicago residents homeless.


Moritz Plochman emigrated to the US in 1881.

Meet Moritz

Trained chemist Moritz Plochman emigrates to the United States from the Kingdom of Württemberg, an area and former state in southwestern Germany. Two years later Moritz buys Premium Mustard Mills and pledges to make “first-class” mustards only.


Sterling Springs Bottling Works was Moritz's other factory.

Man on a mission

A busy Moritz Plochman produces horseradish, chow-chow and a variety of sauces at his mustard mills along with root beer, sarsaparilla and other beverages at his other company, Sterling Springs Bottling Works.


The Plochman's factory moved locations a couple times in the early 1900s

A mustard revolution

Moritz moves the company to a location near Lake Michigan and later to one on Chicago’s Clinton Street to accommodate the growing demand for mustard—especially that of the yellow variety. Shortly after, Moritz passes the torch to his son Carl.


Grocery stores started selling Plochman's mustard in the early 1930s.

New territory

Plochman’s Mustard expands again and moves to Cicero, a town about 10 miles west of Chicago. In 1933, a new-fangled type of grocery store—the supermarket—begins selling Plochman’s mustard.


Plochman's yellow barrel was the first successful squeeze condiment in the United States

The total package

Pioneering a new use for plastics, Plochman’s introduces yellow mustard in a distinctive yellow squeeze barrel, the first successful squeeze condiment in the United States.


Plochman's Squeeze Barrel™ bottle was trademarked in 1971.

The icon

Shortly after a new generation of Plochmans (Carl Jr. and Fred) take the reins, Plochman’s is awarded a trademark on its distinctive Squeeze Barrel™ bottle—and becomes a household name.


Kosciusko® brand mustard joined the Plochman’s product family in the mid 1980s.

A growing family

Kosciusko® brand mustard joins the growing Plochman’s product family, and just a few years later Carl Plochman III (Terry) becomes CEO and President of the company.


Plochman’s began winning medals at the Napa Valley Mustard Celebration in 1995.

The clear favorite

Plochman’s introduces a clear squeeze barrel featuring innovative specialty mustards. The same year, Plochman’s begins winning medals at the Napa Valley Mustard Celebration.


HACO, Inc. acquired the Plochman's brand in 2010.

Hello to Haco

HACO, Inc., a food manufacturer headquartered in Gümligen, Switzerland, takes notice of Plochman’s high quality mustards and acquires the brand. With this new partnership in place, Plochman’s takes on a new global role.


Chicago’s Best Debut

Plochman’s classic mild yellow mustard takes center stage as Chicago’s Best TV visits our factory on a mission to create an authentic Chicago-style hot dog.


Plochman's Bourbon Mustard was just declared “Grand Champion” at the 2018 World-Wide Mustard Competition

Award-winning mustard

Four prestigious medals, one proud mustard-maker. Our Bourbon Mustard was just declared “Grand Champion” at the 2018 World-Wide Mustard Competition. Proving, again, that its rich flavor pairs well with countless food favorites, including adult beverages, baked beans and grilled chicken.


Plochman's sponsored the ProMod class at the NHRA national event in Norwalk, OH in 2019.

NHRA Partnership

Plochman’s was honored to be a sponsor of the ProMod class at the NHRA national event in Norwalk, OH.

Small Town Big Deal

Small Town Big Deal highlights the rich history of the Plochman’s brand and the step-by-step process of quality mustard making.


Redesigned labels released in 2020 showcase the premium quality of the Plochman's product

The future looks bright

Same delicious mustard, new beautiful label! Redesigned labels showcase the premium quality of the Plochman’s product and introduce new flavors you’ll love!