Plochman's Original Yellow 10.5oz barrel bottle Original Mild
Chicago Fire
Plochman's Chili Dog Mustard 10.5oz barrel bottle Chili Dog

15 oz Yellows

Original Mild Yellow Mustard in a Banjo Bottle, 15oz Original Mild
Chicago Fire
Chili Dog Mustard in a Banjo Bottle, 15oz Chili Dog
The Works Mustard in a Banjo Bottle, 15oz The Works


NEW icon Spicy Brown Spicy Brown
NEW icon Carolina BBQ Carolina BBQ
NEW icon Champagne Champagne
Plochman's Craft Beer Blended Mustard Craft Beer
Plochman's Bourbon mustard in 11oz Barrel Bottle Bourbon
Classic Dijion mustard in 11oz barrel bottle Classic Dijon
Plochman's Cuban mustard in 11oz Barrel Bottle Cuban Style
Plochman's Spicy Hot Blended Horseradish Mustard Horseradish
Plochman's Balsamic mustard in 11oz Barrel Bottle Balsamic
Plochman's Tequila Blended Mustard Tequila
Plochman's Harvest Honey Blended Mustard Harvest Honey
Plochman's Honey Dijon mustard in 11oz barrel bottle Honey Dijon


Plochman's Cranberry mustard in 9 oz bottle Cranberry
2020 Award* Winner! Plochman's Sweet Fig mustard in 9oz bottle Sweet Fig
Plochman's Stone Ground mustard in 9oz bottle Stone Ground


Kosciusko Country Style Coarse Grain Country Style Coarse Grain
Kosciusko The Original Spicy Brown The Original Spicy Brown
2020 Award* Winner! Kosciusko Spicy Brown Lager Beer Spicy Brown Lager Beer

Mustard Mixers

New Product Mexican Chipotle Mexican Chipotle
New Product Roasted Garlic Roasted Garlic
New Product Smoked Barbeque Smoked Barbeque
New Product Sweet Thai Chili Sweet Thai Chili

*2020 World-Wide Mustard Competition Winner

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